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MST Pricing


Sponsor Type Price Special Notes: See below
Team Sponsor $150/3 months or $500/year

First 3 months FREE

1 thru 11

Site Sponsor $250 /month First 3 months FREE
Event Sponsor $20 /week/event $10 /week/event

National and State Level Events

Page Sponsor $150/3 months or $500/year First 3 months FREE

Sponsor Services

Please note that all of the following services can be easily done by the Sponsor on MST.
All  services other than Web hosting are performed by college students.  All proceeds go to them to help defray college costs.

Service Price Comments
Build Sponsor Page $100 With Sponsor design forms completed
Custom Banner Design $50/hour Sponsor to provide details, animation,look and feel
Host Sponsor Web Site $40/month Full website external to MST with your own URL
Add Sponsor Document $20 /document Sponsor to provide document in Word or Excel Format
Add Sponsor Photos $10 /photo Sponsor to provide photo or jpeg or gif format
Add Event Flyer $20 /flyer Sponsor to provide paper flyer, Word, Excel. jpeg or gif format
Hourly Design Rate $50 /hour

League, Team, Player, Customer, Member Pricing

Type Price Special Comments
League / Division $2 /person /season


Player Only $20 /year FREE
Customer Free FREE
Memeber Free FREE


1.   Easily maintained page, all that is needed is an internet connection
2.   Easily send/receive message to/from any MST member, your sponsored teams and/or your customers
3.   Your customers are assigned to your site when the sign up
4.   Easily access your customer list and your page's statistics
5.   Your business information along with News, Events, Specials and Offerings included on your page
6.   Flyers or documents can be attached to any news or event
7.   Photo Gallery for your business, staff, parties, etc
8.   Your site included in searchable database by city, state, or sport
9.   Link from your MST page to your primary Website
10.  Link from your Events to documents or flyers on MST or foreign website
11.  Your banner on all team and player pages of teams sponsored by you
12.  Your banner can be directed: such as to only pool players
13.  National and State level events viewed from MST main pages searchable by sport, title, city, state, purse
14.  Your banner rotated at the top of all pages


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